Magic Cakes

£3.15 each • Starting at £3.50 for bespoke cakes • Available in-store or for London delivery. Call the Cake Hotline (020 7633 3333) to order!
  • London Only

Magic Cakes

Konditor & Cook's signature cakes! Lightly-flavoured lemon and almond sponge cakes covered in marzipan and a fondant glaze, topped with cheeky handmade decorations and messages! 

Bespoke Magic cakes also available on request—just call our Hotline on 020 7633 3333.

Stay fresh for up to 7 days. Please store in an air-tight container.

Allergen InformationContain wheat, milk, nuts and eggs.

Gerhard’s Tip


Wheat Flour
Caster Sugar
Ground Almonds
Organic Eggs
Apricot Jam
Icing Sugar

What Others Say

‘Konditor & Cook's Magic Cakes offer love at first bite. They might taste like a sublime fondant fancy, but Gerhard Jenne has transformed them into a kitsch icon by his outré decoration.’

The Guardian

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Gerhard's Tip

‘No better way to give a gift or leave a saucy message... our Magic Cakes have a proven track record of success with loved ones!’