Childrens Parties


Childrens Parties

Choose from our selection of baking or decorating classes and we will provide everything to make your day memorable!

You can choose from our specially designed children's classes or we can work with you to tailor a suitable class for your needs.

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-Mini Curly Whirly Cake Decorating
(up to 8 attendees)
-Gingerbread Picture Frame Decorating
(up to 8 attendees)
-Baking Party
(up to 6 attendees)
-Personalization of Current Classes

Location: Cake School, 63 Stamford Street, London, SE1 9NB

What Others Say

‘‘The Konditor & Cook Cake School would suit anyone who has marvelled at the beautiful creations that adorn K&C’s shop counters. Classes, much like their celebrated cake designs, provide experimental fun and inspiration.’’

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