Brownie Sharing Gift Box

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Selection of 24 Brownie fingers
  • Vegetarians

Brownie Sharing Gift Box

A delicious selection of our Curly Whirly, Chocolate Chip and Boston cranberry brownies. No need to choose! 

Each box contains 12 brownies cut into a total of 24 fingers. Each brownie finger 50 grams.

Stays fresh for up to 10 days. Please store in an air-tight container.

Allergen Information: Contains wheat, milk and eggs.

Gerhard’s Tip


Caster Sugar
Organic Eggs
Wheat Flour
Cream Cheese
Vanilla Pods

What Others Say

‘If for some reason I found myself on death row and had to choose my final meal it would just be a trough full of Konditor & Cook brownies’


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Gerhard's Tip

‘For the indecisive brownie lover... now there is no need to choose your favourite!’